Our platform processes several hundred requests daily, originating from mobile applications, Telegram bot, websites, and third-party services. We offer complimentary access to our API for the identification of plant diseases, enabling us to enhance the functionality of our partners' services and applications.

Our treatment recommendations encompass lists of biological and chemical products thoroughly tested by our agronomist experts. The application also features the capability to display information messages upon receiving specific user image recognition results.

Beyond the platform, we are actively engaged in several additional projects, including automated control and accounting in greenhouse complexes, as well as automated mobile field condition monitoring systems designed for installation on agricultural machinery.

Moreover, we extend our assistance to third-party teams and organizations, providing expertise and solutions for various challenges in projects related to the utilization of artificial intelligence in agriculture.

For those interested in collaborating with us, please feel free to reach out via email at or use the feedback option on our Telegram channel: